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Five Questions w/ Starfire Festival Founder Michael Mahgerefteh

21 Apr 2017

Local Prog / Psychedelic Rock band Galaxy Dynamite is, first and foremost, the spawn of Michael Mahgerefteh’s fertile imagination. With the release of their newest Rock Opera alongside a comic book designed to enhance the overall concept, Mahgerefteh has built this Saturday’s Starfire Festival at O’Connor’s Brewery to challenge the traditional notions of what a day long block party music fest is actually capable of. We pulled up for a quick chat:

Jeff Hewitt: What’s your favorite quote or epigram?

Michael Mahgerefteh: “The only thing better than someone teaching you what to do, is someone showing you what not to do.” — I’m not sure who said that but I’ve taken that towards my own life for a long time.

What is the measure of success for a music festival? And what will need to happen Saturday for there to be a Starfire II?

The measure of success, in my opinion, is the creator’s motivation to continue doing it after the event! (laughs) Attendance, and even money doesn’t take into account the stress that planning an event like this has on someones life! There will be definitely be a Starfire II — it’s never going to stop! The concept of a music festival and a comic-con being put together is unique and a niche which I will grow with the brand.

But this Saturday? For Starfire II to happen? It just needs to be a big party!

What are the key ingredients of Prog Rock?

To me, it’s the willingness to take risks merged with the experience to create great patterns and themes.

As a drummer, who’s your guiding light? Buddy Rich? Ringo Starr? Neil Peart?

I grew up listening to Ozric Tentacles. They are the quintessential psychedelic band, in my humble opinion. Merv Pepler’s fast upbeat punk style drumming is something I mimic to this day, to the T.

Allen Aucoin is an electronic-drum professor. He helped to invent the ‘trancefusion’ style of drumming. Live electronic. I am always taking notes on his use of the e-drums and how he is playing live techno with his band The Disco Biscuits.

What do you want for your epitaph?

“Learn from the best!” (laughs)


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21 Apr 2017

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