About Jeff Hewitt

I am a Photographer. Poet. Long Form Writer. Publisher. Artist. Musician. Designer. Occasional Actor. Editor. Infrequent Journalist & Commentator. Graphic Novelist. Music Critic. Co-Founder of the Norfolk Performance Poetry Scene. Retired Pirate. Never a Privateer.

I work primarily as a street and concert shootist who is branching out into more conceptual projects along with some photo-journalism. I am currently living and working in Norfolk, Virginia with occasional trips to shoot the streets of Philadelphia and New York. I was humbled and honored to be chosen as a Featured Artist in the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art's 2016 "New Waves Exhibition."

I'm available to make pictures of, write about, or otherwise engage in creative endeavors on your behalf in exchange for bags of money. If you'd like to give me bags of money you should get in touch. I am, understandably, less interested in working on pro-bono projects -- but have been known to act irrationally on this front if an idea is particularly fascinating. Still, I'm well aware that one can die of exposure. And that it isn't anything I or my children can eat.

I am currently functioning as the primary music critic and culture photographer, publisher and editor for the Norfolk Antonym.

What is Poemography?

One of my editors, whom I have suffered to let live despite the fact that he occasionally offers suggestions as to changing my words -- once told me: "You aren't a photographer. You're a poet with a camera." And that's true. Of all the things I've been and all that I may yet do? I've been a poet the longest. And I do in fact, carry a camera. I've found that the two disciplines share much in common. A willingness to be still and pay attention to the underlying thrum and bustle of humanity. A desire to seek out the heart of things.

Whether I'm out on the street or in the pit at a concert, I'm seeking out subjects who drip with stories. Moments of truth or beauty or raw emotion. Microcosms of the human condition that above all reaffirm the inescapable realization that everyone is beautiful. Each in their own way. To my eye it's all about finding the moment and making the picture. Capturing honesty and distilling it into the expression of an image.

All of the images and words on this site are my exclusive property. If you steal them and I catch you? I will at the very least engage in vigorous legal action on their behalf. Depending on the day and my current medical conditions of medication -- I will come to your house and set you on fire. Afterwards I will take pictures of your smoldering corpse, sell them, and use the proceeds from that to take a cruise. I will lounge on a top deck sipping Mai Tais with colorful miniature umbrellas while I regale my fellow travelers of the graphic tale of your most brutal demise.

Thieves. Ye be warned.

To all else who come with peace and love in your heart? Welcome!

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